Candy Raver

Candy liked hanging around Diggy’s Records, mostly because the DJs that shopped there were so cute. She also got the first word on the big raves that sprung up. She was almost a vampire now, she realized with amusement. Ever since her seventeenth birthday, she had been doing raves 2 to 4 times a week, […]

Douglas in Diapers

Melissa came home from work that evening, tired right down to her bones and every muscle aching. The workweek is officially over. Now it was time to… Scream. Melissa wanted to officially scream. The tiny one-bedroom apartment was a mess. It was a mess when she’d left. It was worse now: Soda and beer cans […]

A Sissy’s Journey Home

The Journey Home was nothing spectacular, in that nothing too different happened to the journey into town. Nanny Mitchel continued to waffle on about everything and anything, whilst myself and cousin Karen did our best to be seen and not heard.   Having quickly mastered the art of earwigging from my cousin Karen, I did […]

Sissy Changing Room

Myself and cousin Karen really did not know where to put our faces as Nanny Mitchel and Aunty Shirley rampaged through the school outfitters. Aunty Shirley was in her element as if this outing were a school jumble sale. As always Nanny Mitchel followed Aunty Shirley’s lead.   “It is such a shame Dorothy that […]

A Sissy’s Dressing Down

Myself and cousin Karen had been standing in the corridor, outside Mrs Hegiteys office for what seemed to be an eternity. In reality, we had only been there fifteen or so minutes. However, during that time both Karen and I had imagined what it would really be like if we were waiting outside the headmistress’s […]

A Sissys Re-evaluation 

Nanny Mitchel and Mrs Hegitey proceeded to discuss the in and outs of Mrs Hegitey’s kind proposal to tutor Patricia free of charge. In a lot of ways, it appeared that  it was not as if Nanny Mitchel was interviewing Patricia’s potential tutor, it was more the case of Mrs Hegitey interviewing Nanny Mitchel As […]

A Sissy’s Plan

Both Nanny Mitchel and Mrs Hegitey fell silent again, as Nanny Mitchel revealed that Patricia was not really a girl of such. Although slightly flabbergasted, logical thinking soon took over. Bearing this in mind it came as no great surprise to Mrs Hegitey that Patricia was not really a girl. Certain characteristics had been noticed […]

A Sissy’s Tormentors

Nanny Mitchel and Aunty Shirley were chatting away happily as we all got off the bus. Although myself and cousin Karen were starting to bond a little better, it appeared we were still in quite separate worlds. After all, cousin Karen was genetically female and I, myself was in the process of being sissified. Taking […]

The Sissy & The Bus Ride

Now joined by Nanny Mitchel’s long-term friend Shirley, myself Nanny Mitchel and cousin Karen boarded the bus to the town. As we boarded Nanny Mitchel’s friend Shirley was still continuing the conversation, as if it were an obsession, about how she had once petticoated her sons. This was all of great interest to Nanny Mitchel […]

Good Morning Sissy

Good Morning Sissy. Cousin Karen had naturally got the better bedroom to sleep in that night. On the other hand, the room I was in that night was small, damp, cold, and smelt of mothballs. The bed mattress was old, as it appeared everything was in this house. If I moved, the bed would creak, […]

A Sissy at Bedtime

On entering the room I saw Nanny Mitchels sitting in her usual chair, adjacent to the open fire, whilst cousin Karen was sitting in the chair that use to be occupied by Grandad. Nanny Mitchel was knitting something, though I could not work out what. In all truth, no one could ever work out what […]

A Sissy School Game

Most weekends I stayed at Nanny Mitchel’s house. Although at times she could be somewhat of a tyrant, I was comfortable there and I at least felt at home. As well as having me stay over most weekends, at times Nanny Mitchel would have my cousin “Karen”, her other granddaughter, stay over for the weekend […]

The Ghost of Nanny Mitchel

For some unknown reason, Nanny Mitchel resented being called Granny or Grandmother. It is possible that having the latter titles made her feel old. However having been born in nineteen seventeen, by the time her only grandson Peter was born, she was, indeed already old. Back in those days, we are talking about the late […]

Peace, Hope and Joy

The sun had just sunk below the horizon outside the Hillcrest Mall, the lights in the parking lot just starting to flicker on. It wasn’t a big mall – the town it was in wasn’t particularly big, either, so they didn’t really need a big mall – but, as usual for that time of the […]

Alex’s Diaper Day

Chapter 1 Alishia looked out her bedroom window, at the younger ones in her neighborhood playing games in the park It appeared that they did not have a care in the world, except to play, have fun and enjoy their life, Now that Alishia was becoming a young adult she wondered to herself what it […]

Un Lampo di Bianco2

Re: Un Lampo di Bianco 11 Tony breathed deep and tried not to panic. K.J. was out of reach. Jackson couldn’t be trusted. For all he knew, the police were looking to arrest him right now. He needed to get back to town undetected and there was no time to call a cab. He needed […]

Un Lampo di Bianco1

NOTE: “Giallo,” literally translated, means “yellow.” It refers to the yellow covers of the cheap paperback novels which inspired a popular and influential genre of Italian films in the 1960s and 1970s. Suspenseful, violent, erotic and shocking, giallo films combined the tension of American detective novels with the flamboyance of Italian opera and theatre. They […]

A Visitor to Triton

Okay, I guess we are posting our stories on this board if we wish to receive comments. Please, I crave feedback. I guess it was pretty good, since I tied for third and there really is no beating Elizabeth or that really well written story Indigo Flight. I know there is room for improvement, I […]

Advanced Placement

I’m going to put this here for the time being, though I’m not entirely sure if it’s completed. As I’m sure anyone who read it for the story contest could tell, the ending was a bit rushed, because all of this was just meant to be an introduction to the real story. In shortening it […]

Indigo Flight

“Indigo Three, this is Hawkeye Two; skies are clear, you are free to proceed,” the voice of her Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) operator reported. “Indigo Three copies all; proceeding now,” Lieutenant Rachel Trasck responded. “Indigo Four, we are green-lit. On me.” “Copy, Three. On your wing,” her likewise female wingmate acknowledged. Rachel tilted […]

Life and Death Choices Made Casually 21

Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Twenty-One: The Confrontation “Bang!” Bridget winced against the recoil and pulled the trigger twice more. “Bang! Bang!” She then looked down the range, but couldn’t see how well she had done. She aimed again and shot twice more. “Bang! Bang!” She then aimed the revolver at the target […]

Life and Death Choices Made Casually 20

Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Twenty: Setting the Trap Bridget woke up in her dorm room from her usual nightmare. She screamed before realizing she was inside her dorm. “Enough already,” said Flower. “Every morning for two almost two months, you have been waking me up with screaming. I am sick of it.” […]

Life and Death Choices Made Casually 19

Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Nineteen: Setting the Stage Flower carried the laundry baskets into the dorm room. “I got your laundry done.” She set the basket next to Bridget’s bed. Bridget looked up from her physics homework. “Thank you Flower.” “How long do I have to do your laundry until we are […]

Life and Death Choices Made Casually 18

Life and Death Choices Made Casually Chapter Eighteen: A Boyfriend and a Plan Bridget woke up screaming from her dream. It was getting worse, not better. Her plans for revenge against the terrorist and worries for how she would accomplish it combined with the memory of the tanker truck combined to make her nightmare worse […]

Life and Death Choices Made Casually 12

Life and Death Choices Made Casually: Chapter Twelve: Freshman Orientation 3 Bridget woke up screaming again and wearing a wet diaper. At least the sheets weren’t twisted around her exposing her diaper to Ami again. Ami groaned. “I guess I am never going to get my beauty sleep with your nightmares.” She sat up and […]

Life and Death Choices Made Casually 11

Life and Death Choices Made Casually: Chapter Eleven: Freshman Orientation 2 Dreams came to her again that night, but it seemed too real. There were dead children. There was Lia’s father’s death. There was the terrorist. He entered her dream and just laughed at her as she frantically tried to steer the truck away from […]

Life and Death Choices Made Casually 9

Life and Death Choices Made Casually: Chapter Nine: Graduation Bridget woke in a wet diaper. She thought that with school over and the ability to relax, she would wake up dry, but she had another bad dream. Lia’s father had starred in last night’s nightmare. She couldn’t get the image of a chainsaw chain catching […]

Life and Death Choices Made Casually 3

Life and Death Decisions Made Casually: Day Three “I swear, Angela,” said Bridget’s mother when she came to wake her up for school and saw the wet sheets. “What is this? The second day in a row? I won’t mention the accidents you had Wednesday.” Bridget looked toward her mother. “I’ve been having bad dreams […]

The Bedwetters’ Ball

Autumn winds, blew down the quite street, on which Miranda Cottington’s new house resided. It was her grandmothers house really, as old as the lady herself, yet now it was also home to Miranda and her mom. Her parents divorce had left them little options, and so they had come to start a new life […]

playing baby chapters 11- 18

Chapter eleven Mrs Clatick was what you would call a busy body. She was always getting her nose into affairs that she had no business getting into. Sandy thought about her. There must be one in every neighborhood. Sandy turned and looked directly as Mrs. Clatick. ” Well Hi there” She said when the nosy […]

playing baby chapters 1- 10

Playing Baby ” But mom ” Sarah exclaimed as her mother slid the diaper under her rear. ” no buts ” her mother proclaimed as she taped the diaper in place. ” you were the one who wanted to be a baby. ” Sara just lay there. Her mother was right. She had been playing […]

Away 33

[B][U]Chapter 33: Ashes to Ashes “Jacob, we need to get in there!” I screamed. He nodded, and looked around. We walked around the facility a bit. “What is this place?” Kif asked. “It took so long to run here; and I was on the freaking track team!” “It’s the place where I first met Jacob. […]

Away 32

[B][U]Chapter 32: Let Me Through Jacob, Kif, Gavin and I were all driving home. While I was at the tournament, I’d decided to pick up something for Rebecca. I felt bad about how I had reacted, regardless of whether I was in the wrong, or the right. “Gavin, how long till we get to Rebecca’s […]

Away 31

[B][U]Chapter 31: Unfortunately, Regret Doesn’t Help Anything “And it looks like team Cypher is taking a huge lead here today at madison square garden folks!” The announcer yelled into the microphone. Hundreds of screaming fans cheered on their favorite teams in the match. Even though I was wet, I was simply enjoying the moment and […]

Away 30

Chapter 30: Mass Mental Exodus “Suspended! You are not to come back to school for the first week back after vacation!” The principal commanded. Jacob, Rebecca and I were in the main office now. The principal, a security guard, and police Chief Gavin O’doyle were all there. “Las, what had I told you? I told […]

Away 29

Chapter 29: Adrenaline Rush “So then I just add that to X, and I get my answer?” Kif asked. “For the hundredth time, yes!” The teacher responded. Kif had once again been asking the same question over and over again. I wasn’t sure if he really didn’t get it, or he was just trying to […]

Away 28

]Chapter 28: I Want You… [I]“Hey Josh!” I said, walking onto the bus. It’d been more than a week since AJ and Geremy pulled the single greatest scandal in our school’s history. They were arrested, but put on house arrest like they had said they would. It didn’t surprise me one bit, but then again […]

Away 27

[B][U]Chapter 27: Not just /b/ “Why, for the love of hell does it ALWAYS has to be those two! I can’t have ONE good day at school without those two bone heads playing SOME kind of prank?!” I bellowed at Jacob. “Are you sure it’s them?” He asked. “Positive. The clues add up. Geremy is […]

Away 26

[B][U]Chapter 26: Kye “Alright, that’s freaky!” Someone in the crowd of students commented. “Tell me about it!” Said another. The brick was obviously from one of the displays outside, a JROTC built monument built out of bricks and stones. It wasn’t there for any particular reason except to make the school seem more beautiful, or […]

Away 25

[B][U]Chapter 25: The Oldest Letter I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, Jacob lying next to me. I was wearing just a shirt and a diaper, while Jacob wore just padding. He was doing that more and more often. I half expected him to be wearing nothing upon coming to bed. Sitting […]

Away 24

[B][U]Chapter 24: Why Don’t You Tell Me? I don’t think that the rest of the school year held any real significance. There wasn’t that much school left to be had, and what there was consisted of the boring and monotonous review sessions our teachers would prepare. Tutors would come to our house each day, and […]

Away 23

[B][U]Chapter 23: They Don’t Have Hearts As I kissed Jacob passionately, police chief O’doyle cocked his head to the left. There stood a familiar, shocked face; holding some kind of beverage inside of a white Styrofoam cup. Fortunately enough though, the chief swiftly removed her from the entrance of the room. He walked her down […]

Away 22

Jacob and I pulled up to the all too familiar house. It was lit tenderly inside, and the glow through the curtains only made it that much more welcoming. I stepped out of the car, and looked over to Jacob, who was headed towards the trunk. “The hell are you doing?” I questioned. He used […]

Away 21

[B][U]Arch 3, Kill Me Away [B][U]Chapter 21: Searching I sat at my desk sorting through old papers. As I read the ones I found I chuckled a bit. I set them down as there was a knock at my door. “Mr. Hawk? Jacob is here to see you.” A lady dressed for success stated. “Send […]

Away 20

[B][U]Chapter 20: A Perfect Medium I can still remember the sirens. The sound of them wailed even through the thunder and lightning. I could see the reflection of the red and blue hues on the house’s rain soaked siding. The back gate opening and the rush of the paramedics to move me. It was like […]

Away 19

[B][U]Chapter 19: “I Loved Him Away…” Jacob strode out of the house. He pushed the sliding glass door quietly. I didn’t notice him at first. I uncurled my legs and continued to lean against the tree. I only noticed him when he began to get close. The rain was starting to pick up, and I […]

Away 18

[B][U]Chapter 18: Beware of Falling Children “Tristian! Move it!” My mom called. Jacob was already downstairs waiting with my mom. “ONE SECOND!” I yelled out angrily. I hopped off of my top bunk, and landed on the ground with a thud. I crawled onto my stomach, and reached for a box underneath the bed. I […]

Away 17

Chapter 17: Dead Man at a Funeral It was a week later after my father’s death. I’d only had the wind knocked out of me and a small bit of damage done to my rib because of the impact damage from the bullet. My mom still wouldn’t talk to me about what happened, and I […]

Away 16

We got out of the car. My father, my mother, Jacob and myself. Justin parked next to us, being at the courthouse for a separate court case. “You ready?” My dad asked me. “I know this is hard, but I know you’ll do great. You probably won’t even have to get on the stand today, […]

Away 15

[B][U]Chapter 15: March Twenty Ninth [I]It was as any other morning. I woke up on the top bunk, above the always sleeping Jacob. I hopped out of bed, carefully climbing down a wooden ladder that connected the floor to my bed. I walked out of my room in simply my blue T-shirt and diaper, and […]

Away 14

“Ha ha! Nice.” I said to myself. “Thanks Ger, I really appreciate it!” I said, talking into the house phone. “No problem, anytime. So anything else new with you then?” “Yeah… That kid Josh. I need to find out something about him.” “Anything I can do to help?” Geremy offered. “Nah, don’t worry about it. […]

Away 13

[B][U]Chapter 13: Return to the Present As I finished reminiscing, Jacob grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the couch into a standing position. “Come on Tristian! We’re going to be late!” He warned. I turned off the T.V quickly, put on my sneakers, and walked out the door being towed by Jacob. He […]

Away 12

Chapter 12: Birthday of Solace [I]It was just after my diaper change, and Jacob’s quick change into some clothes that fit him, that we heard a ring downstairs. Jacob and I darted out of my room, and went to open the door. Of course this entire time my house had been decorated with streamers and […]

Away 11

[B][U]Chapter 11: Adoption [I]“Um, how about an order of two pancakes, and for my drink I’ll have some- chocolate milk!” I said to the waitress who was taking our orders. She smiled. “Alright then! I’ll be back soon with your breakfast!” She replied. She walked away, placing the notepad she had been writing our orders […]

Away 10

I lied in bed, cozy and warm. I felt a small rocking sensation. I became more and more conscious very quickly and when I was fully awake, I opened my eyes. Standing above me, smiling, was a boy with white hair, and deep red eyes. It was Jacob. “Come on Twi Twi! Get up! We […]

Away 9

[I]“I’ve been having these weird visions lately… I think I’m losing it. Is it me? Is it, someone else? Is it something else? Where am I? What am I; Do I even know? I suppose not. Is this for real? Am I for real? Who cares anymore? Do I care? How can I, I’m not […]

Away 8

Dover came rushing back into the room an hour or so later. I had learned the name of my kidnapper by that point. He name was Mr. Kingsly. I found this out when I saw a nametag on his undershirt. Very soon, Dover senior came back into the room. Kingsly looked at him. “Sir, are […]

Away 7

When both Dover senior and Dover junior left my room, two, what I assume were nurses, walked in. One was carrying a cloth diaper as well as what seemed to be a lock and key, while the other had a large baby bottle filled with milk. The one with the diaper came over and started […]

Away 6

[B][U]Chapter 6: Get angry I was startled awake by yelling. Not the type of yelling between a husband and wife or disgruntled neighbors; but the type of yelling where your door is busted open afterwards. Nick and Terri were yelling along with the same large black man from before; the same one who kidnapped me […]

Away 5

[B][U]Chapter 5: Mental Card Games I awoke groggily. I hadn’t had a sleep this good for as long as I could remember! It felt good to wake and feel… wet? I felt around and realized that the bed wasn’t wet, but I was. I felt down my body until I realized I was in a […]

Away 4

Chapter 4: John C. Hawk As John C. Hawk lied in bed next to his wife, he couldn’t help but stay awake. He had too much going on to be able to sleep. The day had been long and arduous and its happenings raced through his mind, starting with a phone call he’d received. It […]

Away 3

Chapter 3: My Dream Come Half True I was ecstatic to say the least. After being fed a bottle of milk, I was now sitting down in a diaper and oneise. I felt amazing! I looked up at Terri, and she looked down at me. I felt a warm feeling in my lower stomach, and […]

Away 2

Chapter 2: A New Home I don’t have dreams often. I have nightmares some nights, and others, my mind thinks of nothing while in sleep. But here, in this situation; once I had passed out, I had a dream. A good dream; a dream that you wouldn’t want to wake up from. It was about […]

Away 1

Chapter 1: Taking away my Friday You’d think that Friday the thirteenth is a bad sort of thing. That it spells imminent doom for any and all who walk under a ladder, or cross a black cat’s path, or even so much as spill some salt. How ridiculous. No, Friday the thirteenth is not a […]

Gatherings 6

Pretrial Motions “….nothing,” Chuck said the next day. “Sorry, dude.” Chris frowned. That meant he was going to trial and he was going it alone. “Alright,” he said. “At least tell me how this trial is going to work.” “It’s gonna work like a trial,” he said. “Professor Thorne will act as judge, Matt’s gonna […]

Gatherings 5

Fourth Gathering: The Inner Sanctum and Virgin’s Blood Chuck had given Chris the OK early Wednesday morning. A few hours later, Chris hitched a ride off campus and procured for himself a Jason-style hockey mask. He also restocked on diapers, and, at Chuck’s request, picked up a bottle of fruit punch. The clerk on duty […]

Gatherings 4

Third Gathering: Hairy Guy in a Thong…. Or The Really Ugly, Naked Truth “It was unreal,” Chris said as he cuddled with Stacy later that night. “They all had hockey masks on and were chanting and making all kinds of noise. They had to cancel the lecture. By the time security arrived, they had all […]

Gatherings 3

Secrets and Lies, Secrets and Lies! (And a Great Big Surprise) Simon Nokes loved his dog, so he felt a tad guilty that it shared the same name as his ex-wife. He didn’t want that bitch (Sally the dog) to have anything to do with THAT bitch (Sally the vindictive marketing consultant). And yet he […]

Gatherings 2

First Gathering: The Party, the Coven and Beyond Professor Daulton presided over his Intro Statistics class with the authoritarian determination of a minor deity. He knew his students hated the class and hated him, but they would learn something, damnit! As they had actually stayed awake for the entire class (a first), he decided to […]

Gatherings 1

NOTE: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual person, places or events is entirely coincidental. The following is the intellectual property of the author. Please do not repost without permission. The following contains content inappropriate for readers under the age of 13. Others should view at their own discretion. The author […]

The Ice Storm

The piercing shriek of the pink digital alram clock on the night table was quickly followed by a loud thwack and then silence. The blonde girl that occupied the four-poster bed rolled back over under her black comforter, adorned with red, pink, and purple hearts. For nine minutes, the girl laid there in silence. When […]

Out For Blood

Katy had indeed returned to her work as a special agent for the FBI. Then while Katy was in the hospital with tonsillitis. Amber and Gretchen went on a routine assignment. Gretchen was shot and killed by a two-bit criminal. Amber put three in his head before he hit the ground. Katy simply blamed herself […]

Katy Matthews Private Eye

Katy was inconsolable just three years after she had under gone the growth treatment. With out the help of Dr Ronnie she would have never made it to the joint funeral. Alysha and Grandma had been on their way to pick up Katy from a karate class, when the accident happened. The two people Katy […]

Baby Timmy

My life in nappies began at the age of 10 and I am now 14. I started having accidents day and night 4 years or so ago. Mum used to get angry and smack me, but it didn’t stop it just got worse. After a series of medical tests it was put down to laziness. […]

Molly the New Pampers Baby`2

When Debra returned she had a diaper in her right hand and a bottle of lotion and baby powder in her left hand. She laid them next to Molly and began by taking off her skirt. She winced at the smell and said ‘Wow, you’re a real stinker’ while Molly looked dreamily up at the […]

Molly the New Pampers Baby`1

[table][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table]It was the 2nd of September in Wichita Falls, and as the autumn leaves were blowing, young Molly sat up in her bed staring sadly as the summer weeks faded away. It was going to be a long day out she thought to herself, and she was almost already bored about her mother’s business convention […]

Franky’s Birthday

Franky was looking forward to his birthday. It was in two days and he was looking forward to getting a year older, getting presents, and his birthday party. He was six and a half years old and couldn’t wait to be seven. Everyone he saw, he announced that he was turning seven. Seven year olds […]

Peace, Hope and Joy

The sun had just sunk below the horizon outside the Hillcrest Mall, the lights in the parking lot just starting to flicker on. It wasn’t a big mall – the town it was in wasn’t particularly big, either, so they didn’t really need a big mall – but, as usual for that time of the […]


Her silver eyes. ‘She’s a Tormentor.’ Billie thought. “I’m Bertha.” The girl boomed again. “I want you to be my friend.” Gritting her teeth around the pacifier BIllie sensed she really had no choice. This girl was huge. “Ok.” She gurgled around her pacifier. “You talk silly.” Bertha giggled placing her massive hand on Billie’s […]


“Corner.” Luna commanded. Billie found her nose in the corner of the living room. Her massive rear was now firmly on display to all those travelling past and as it was now getting dark the lights from the house would only attract the attention of the passerbys. “Now a little bird told me that two […]


“Yes we’ve already had a couple of whoopsies today haven’t we Junior?” Luna asked. Billie felt the bow on her head gain and loose weight rapidily causing Billie to nod her head overenthusiasitcally. “She must be the one who wet herself down the diaper aisle.” Jenna stated. Billie almost sighed, there was somebody who wouldn’t […]


Billie was then frog marched from the living room to the boys’ nursery wearing nothing but her pale blue bra, mittens and a diaper. Each step she took was accompanied by an immature crinkle as the scaled up diaper bunched between her legs and the causing the cover to crinkle. Once into the nursery Billie […]


CHARMED With a loud pop the demon burst into nothingness surrounded by flames. Triumphantly Billie turned to Paige. “You see you were just overreacting…” She bragged. The motion was sort of defeated when a vial flew inches from her ear. Turning she saw a second demon finish vaporizing. “Right. Overreacting.” Paige sighed. “How was I […]

The Curse of Burnt Cove6

9/26/1999 Vicki awoke Cindy next, “Cindy, I gotta show you something.” “What is it,” Cindy asked. “I think the cats have found another room in the basement.” “Another room,” Cindy replied now awake, “Let’s go.” The two descended the stairs and soon crossed the basement. Moving aside several large boxed and other junk the soon […]

The Curse of Burnt Cove5

As two girls trying to remove his diapers they awakened Zachary. “Ladies, let us not play now we have one last day to prepare.” He got up and realized that he should have let the girls change him, as he was quite a mess. Laying back down he relented. The two ladies changed him, but […]

The Curse of Burnt Cove4

The two girls awaken after having the first night since they slept at Zachary’s without nightmares. Getting up changing they ran down stair. Edna asked, “why are you too in such a hurry?” “Well we thought that maybe you could take us to see Zachary in the hospital,” Cindy asked? “I won’t be able to […]

The Curse of Burnt Cove3

That night the girls had the first good night’s sleep since this whole thing started. They showered and got cleaned up. When the entered the kitchen they found breakfast already for them on the table. Zachary was nowhere to be found, until they heard a loud thumping as he ran up the old wood steps […]

The Curse of Burnt Cove2

Commander Henderson entered his new home, after two days of reorganizing the USCG Watch Station. He expected to find his daughter and her friend awake and exploring, but now he heard nothing. “Vicki?” he cried out. “Cindy, where are you two?” He looked in the den; the TV was off, but setup. Next he looked […]

The Curse of Burnt Cove1

9/12/1999 It was an early Friday morning, on a crisp autumn day in New England when the Hendersons arrived in Burnt Cove. Commander, William Patrick Henderson, USCG, was to take over the command of the local light house and rescue station. He arrived with his 18-year-old daughter Victoria. Vicki, as she preferred to be called, […]


Every day, we make sacrifices. Some are trivial while others hold value that we can’t even comprehend. In a sense, everything we do involves a sacrifice. We sacrifice our time, our money, our friendships, and even our morals and beliefs as we make decisions in our lives. By studying or doing extra work, you sacrifice […]


At first, band practices were awkward. The guys didn’t act like they used to. They barely talked to me. I could tell they didn’t want me there. But little by little things started getting back to normal. We were joking around and jamming out to our music, just like we used to. It was as […]


Two days passed and Tori still had not responded to any of my text messages. I was not surprised and presumed that her dad took her phone away. Nevertheless, it was a long two days. Not in the mood to anything, I just spent the days sulking in my room, blaring music from my sound […]


Stephen. Wake up,” I heard as I slowly regained consciousness. Tori was sitting next to me, gently shaking me in an attempt to wake me up. As I started to sit up from my awkward half-sitting, half-laying-down position on the couch, I noticed a slight look of concern in Tori’s eyes. “Is there something wrong?” […]


I woke up to the pitter-patter of rain. My clock read 7:46 AM, but the darkness could fool anyone into thinking the sun was yet to rise. It fit my mood perfectly. I had the worst night of sleep in my entire life. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fight I had with Tori the […]


CHAPTER 8 My heart stopped. I completely forgot about Tori. The night was just getting worse by the minute. After all this time being able to hide my secret from the one I cared most about, I reveal it to the entire town, as well as her. I slowly pulled into the driveway, dreading having […]


CHAPTER 7 The next week flew by. Everything was just going right. Tori and I hung out almost every day and it wasn’t awkward at all. In fact, we just seemed natural together. I had never felt so happy in my life before. It was like the missing piece of me was filled with a […]


The rest of the week went by pretty uneventfully. I followed doctor’s orders and hung low and stayed home. I had a few visits from friends, wishing me a quick recovery. I also had some massive conversations with Tori via text messaging. Thank God for unlimited texts! It’s funny how long you can talk about […]


HAPTER 5 The next morning was like any ordinary day. And by ordinary, I mean awkward, uncomfortable, and completely abnormal. Something about waking up with a cold, soggy lump between my legs just didn’t seem right. Groggily, I proceeded to change myself. It was very awkward. I hadn’t even changed a baby before. After the […]


CHAPTER 4 I awoke to a tugging sensation. iPod still blaring, I opened my eyes. Various objects blurred across my vision, slowly going into focus. As the images began to clear up, I felt stinging pain in my lower region as the nurse pulled out the catheter. I let out an audible grunt. “Oh. Sorry.” […]


I opened my eyes and was blinded by a sea of white. I could hear a symphony of machines working nearby. As my eyes adjusted to the lights, I realized that I was in a hospital room. Stiff and sore, I tried to sit up and stretch, but my attempt was shortly halted. I had […]


CHAPTER 2 As I walked into the food court, I felt my stomach churning. I suddenly became aware of how stupid I looked, with my “punk” shorts, Metallica t-shirt, and short spiked hair. I had half a mind to turn around and just go home, but then I saw Tori on the other side of […]


I was engulfed in a cloud of music. Everything was together, the drums, the bass, the vocals, the rhythm guitar, and of course, the lead guitar. Chills raced down my spine as the song was winding down. My fingers raced between strings, bending them every few notes and throwing in a few vibrato harmonics to […]

Codename Jonestown

1 Lindsay Jacobs excused herself from dinner and headed up to her room. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to leave. It had all made sense at first, at least after a while with the group. The sisters were lovely and none of the men were the kind that she was used to – […]

The Pill

Jane was a sophomore at Stanford. She was just starting the year. She had had a great first year and was looking forward to this one. Jane was in a waiting room. She and her best friend Lucy had volunteered as test subjects for a new weight loss pill for girls that the college was […]

Laceys Big Change 14

Conclusion For two weeks straight I worked on getting to the toilet on time, and I made it, with only a few close calls. But those were all in the first week, the second was accident free. I was also being treated as more of an adult, opposed to a little kid. I rarely used […]

Laceys Big Change 12

Lacey” A voice whispered, shaking a sleeping child awake. “Come on sweetheart, wake up” I woke up with a start and bolted upright. The voice scared me, as it was only Angela who usually woke me up. I looked around and finally my eyes located Adam standing above me. He was already dressed in his […]

Laceys Big Change 10

My father’s funeral hit me pretty hard. For the next week I did nothing but sit around in my room, or the laundry room, and cry. There were so many memories of him. I knew Angela was starting to get worried about me. The only time I saw her is when she changed me or […]

Laceys Big Change 8

When I woke up I didn’t know what time it was or anything. I lay there for about 20 minutes just listening to what Angela and Teresa had to say. I didn’t really feel like talking, and I didn’t want Angela to know that I was up. I found myself thinking about my dad. For […]

Laceys Big Change 6

When I woke up I was a little disoriented. I looked around and saw that I was in Angela’s room. As everyting came back to me I felt an emptiness in me. I lay in the comfy bed for several minutes before I decided I wanted to get out. My goodnight was wet, and was […]

Laceys Big Change 5

“Now” Angela said, looking me in the eye.“I know you probably don’t want to do this, but we have to. We have to go pick out a casket for your father and identify his body at the morg.” I looked at her with what I can imagine are the saddest eyes anyone has ever seen. […]

Laceys Big Change 4

20 Minutes later we arrived at my house. I was anxious, yet nervous to go into there, it was my house but why did I feel like I had no right to be there? “Do you want me to come and help you?” “It doesn’t matter” The words slipped out of my mouth before I […]

Laceys Big Change 3

I opened the back door and got in, placing my backpack on the seat next to me. “Hi Sweetie, how have you been holding up?” “Ok I guess…” “Well it’s a start, we have a busy day ahead of you, so since my husband can’t get the time off we can drop him off at […]

Laceys Big Change 2

“Hi Lacey, We’re the Grandee’s. You already know me of course, and this is my husband Adam.” “We are so sorry to hear about your loss Lacey, we will try our best to make you feel right at home, and help you in any way we can.” I stared at them in disbelief. In what […]

Laceys Big Change 1

Chapter One “Hello, Mr. Dawson, Can you send Lacey down to the office with all her things, someone is here to see her” “No problem, she will be there in a few seconds:” “Thank you. Lacey, you can go, do page 67 for homework” “Ok no problem” I wonder what was going on. I never […]

Some of Katy’s Incidences

Katy sat in the movie theater with her friends. She was wondering why people went to things like this. She didn’t want to admit it but this was the first actually scary movie she was watching, and she was Seventeen. Her friends were saying that the movie wasn’t even going to be scary but Katy […]


Samantha pulled up in a moving van to her new house. It was quaint, it was a big change. It hadn’t struck her yet how different her life would be now. Today was her first day in Middleton, Maine. A small fishing village on the Northernmost East shore with a population of 153. Her family […]

Meg’s Transformation42

Not today,” she said dejectedly. She did, after all, agree to try it for a whole day. “OK. Catch you later.” “Byers.” Megan felt guilty about not being able to tell her best friend her reason for not going out. Despite Helen’s assurances and her parents’ support, part of her still found it embarrassing. She […]

Meg’s Transformation41

Megan agreed on a compromise: she’d stop wearing diapers for the time being, but they’d always be there when and if she needed them. “Oh thank God,” Nancy said after Megan had announced her decision. “Don’t get me wrong, they were fine for when you needed them, but I don’t know what I would have […]

Meg’s Transformation40

She would end it, all right. Deanna wanted a fight; she would have one. With Jed’s training and a renewed sense of confidence, she didn’t feel nearly as wishy-washy and insecure as she had been. “Know what?” she smarmily taunted. “I’m gonna kick your butt.” Deanna went momentarily wide-eyed. It was clear to Megan that […]

Meg’s Transformation39

No,” she said, sighing slightly. “I’m fine. But thanks though. It means a lot and I appreciate it.” “Good to hear,” Ted said before hanging up. Though she knowingly wasted what might have been a good opportunity, her conscience was at ease. She had made the right decision. When Megan was in the eight grade, […]

Meg’s Transformation38

Megan decided to go home and sleep. Fuck him. He wasn’t worth it. She hurt, yes, but she’d been hurting anyway and just didn’t have the strength to deal with it anymore. When she got home, she found her entire family playing a board game. They were getting along. They even seemed to be happy. […]

Meg’s Transformation37

“Why don’t you come home?” Megan proposed to her sister. “At least until you feel better.” Jessica scoffed. “Surely you jest.” Megan gave her a blank stare. “Mom wouldn’t have it. I won’t have it!” “Fine!” Megan huffed. “Then you’ll get no peace.” She stormed out of the room and bumped into Ricard, who was […]

Meg’s Transformation36

In the end, Megan opted to tell them. They absolutely had a right to know. She decided to call her father at work. He would probably a lot easier to talk to than her mom. “Megan?” Drew asked, surprised that she had bothered to call. Any time his children called him at work, it meant […]

Meg’s Transformation35

“Nothing,” Megan replied. She was going to hang on for the time being. Ron finally got the idea that her mood was not likely to suddenly change and he would definitely not be getting any that night. Because she refused to fill him in on her problems, there was little he could do to help. […]

Meg’s Transformation34

She called for help. There was no use running. Deanna stood between her and her car and the other two sisters were closing in. Her best bet was to hope that someone came to her aide. Slowly, she began to backup towards the mall entrance. In high school, Megan had to read Joseph Heller’s Catch […]

Meg’s Transformation33

She decided to take Josh’s advice and talk to Jed. There was something about the way in which he said it that left her with hope. Hope or no hope, the day that followed was an excruciating one. Instead of feeling liberated by the revelation of her dual identity, she felt as if she was […]

Meg’s Transformation32

It was with great trepidation that Megan set foot in Bledsoe’s once again. She noticed that there was a sign in the window indicating that the store was temporarily closed. Vern practically NEVER closed the store…. unless it was serious. “I’m not going to get upset,” she told herself. “I’m not going to cry. I’m […]

Meg’s Transformation31

Megan decided to wait a few days and see what happened. Maybe things would change of their own volition and she wouldn’t be faced with making such a difficult decision. True to form, as she was faced with confusion in her own life, things began to stabilize around her. Carrie, ever malleable, had given up […]

Meg’s Transformation30

“Actually, I think I’ll keep them,” she told her mother. She knew this decision wouldn’t sit well with her, but now that she knew she could handle night shifts, she saw no reason not to. Besides, she wanted to be around to witness some of the things Dario talked about. Nancy sighed. “I was afraid […]

Meg’s Transformation29

“I’ll work a few nights,” Megan volunteered. She wasn’t thrilled about it, but she figured she’d used up all her bad luck for the summer. Besides, no one would try to rob the same store two nights in a row…. would they? “Good,” Vern said. “I’m sure you could use the money.” Megan did a […]

Meg’s Transformation28

“You can have Friday night,” she told Natalie. She didn’t know what would come out of it, but at the very least she wouldn’t be terribly bored. The same could not be said of a late shift at Bledsoe’s. Thursday found Megan in good spirits. She was practically glowing with anticipation as she told Sabrina […]

Meg’s Transformation27

Megan decided that she would talk to Ted and got the answers she sought. She absolutely had to know, no matter what the price. She waited until she had a day off from work and dropped in on him. To her surprise, he treated her coolly and with only minimal affection. They really had grown […]

Meg’s Transformation26

Megan decided to drop the whole idea. What was she doing taking advice from Jess, of all people? She might reconsider later, of course, but for the time being it did not seem to be in her best interests. The day that Megan had been waiting all too long for finally arrived. She was driving […]

Meg’s Transformation25

Megan decided to warn Stephen to watch his step. If she were being discussed in the manner in which their parents discussed him, she would have wanted to be warned before it was too late. Much to her consternation, he outright refused to believe her. “Yeah, right,” he scoffed. “Mom and Dad would never do […]

Meg’s Transformation24

“Tell her I’ll be right out,” she said to Carrie. She wasn’t looking forward to another confrontation, but her curiosity got the better of her. Besides, not even Deanna was crazy enough to try anything right outside the store. Megan approached with caution. Deanna came alone, but that didn’t mean there weren’t others near by. […]

Meg’s Transformation23

“OK,” Megan answered. “But just to give you a real taste of what it’s like, I’m going to baby you too. And I expect you to cooperate.” Carrie took a moment to contemplate. “Boy, Meg, you don’t make it easy.” “Easy isn’t in my job description,” Megan replied and then found herself laughing at how […]

Meg’s Transformation22

21 She decided to give Ron a call. At the very least, she wanted to hear his explanation. The phone rang twice before he picked up. “Hey,” he answered optimistically. “Look who finally decided to call,” she said, letting her bitterness show. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Guys like you always are.” “Let me explain, OK?” […]

Meg’s Transformation21

Kylie lived in a diminutive village upstate, surrounded by forests, hills, a lake…and precious little else. It was more than an hour’s drive, and while Megan found the pace easygoing, she was nonetheless racked with tension. She had resolved to tell Kylie about her diapers rather than have her guess and eventually figure it out. […]

Meg’s Transformation20

“You can try wearing it a little longer if you’d like,” Megan suggested, hoping Carrie would catch on. “Why would I want to…” Carrie began before she picked up at what Megan was getting at. “Oh…OK.” “It really isn’t bad,” Megan repeated. “I just wished I didn’t have to wear them.” “Would you?” Carrie asked. […]

Meg’s Transformation19

18 Megan approached her parents to suggest that Carrie be allowed to engage in further ‘play’ in the future with their blessing…as long as she promised to be careful and agreed to wear a diaper. Strange, perhaps, but it was a good idea as any she felt she was going to have. “Absolutely not!” Nancy […]

Meg’s Transformation18

17 She came to a stop and begrudgingly filled her diaper. Megan considered herself quite fortunate she wasn’t bowel incontinent. The sensation provided by a messy diaper wasn’t something she felt she could ever get used to…and hopefully wouldn’t have to. With the need to find a toilet now an afterthought, Megan had no reason […]

Meg’s Transformation17

She forged a lie on the spot. Let her deal with them being angry for awhile…it was still probably better than trying to make sense of all that really happened that night. Megan told her parents she was out with Deanna and Des. She could have just as easily said she was out with Ted, […]

Meg’s Transformation16

Saved the diaper for Deanna. She hoped it would be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Of course, Ron might want to know where she got it… Pushing her doubts aside, Megan began rummaging through the medicine cabinet. She came up with a disposable razor, some lotion and a few cotton balls. Perfect! She […]

Meg’s Transformation15

She gave him a determined look and he got the message. Some payback was in order. “All right,” Ron consented. “But I’m going to have to tell Ted.” Megan frowned. She wished it didn’t have to have come to this and she really didn’t want to get Ted involved, but it seemed like the only […]

Meg’s Transformation14

“OK,” she replied, trying to restrain her jubilation. “Sounds cool.” She changed clothes and rove on over to Ted’s. The sudden excitement had pushed the talk with her parents to the very back of her mind and she neglected to leave a note. On the way over, Megan tried to wonder what this friend would […]

Meg’s Transformation13

OK,” she relented, at odds ends with the alternatives. “Fine. Let’s give it a try.” Nancy smiled and Drew nodded. It was what they had wanted to hear. “What do I have to do, exactly?” Megan asked. “You will have a bedtime and a curfew,” Nancy explained. “If you decide to go somewhere, we would […]

Meg’s Transformation12

Megan told her everything. Shame loomed large upon her troubled head and fear of Deanna’s threat nearly made her choke on her words, but somehow she found the strength to overcome. After all the panicking and pandemonium she had endured over the past few weeks, she hoped she would soon develop immunity to such chaos. […]

Meg’s Transformation11

10A “I’m there,” Megan replied. She opted to put her babyhood on hold for the time being, showered and got ready. Besides, she thought she would be home before her parents could find out. While waiting for Sabrina to arrive, Megan admired herself in the mirror. The bikini was taut and sleek, worlds removed from […]

Meg’s Transformation10

Not today,” she said dejectedly. She did, after all, agree to try it for a whole day. “OK. Catch you later.” “Byers.” Megan felt guilty about not being able to tell her best friend her reason for not going out. Despite Helen’s assurances and her parents’ support, part of her still found it embarrassing. She […]

Meg’s Transformation9

“I don’t know,” she replied. Her head was filled with questions and she thought it wise to talk to Helen once more before making any sudden tough decisions. “I think I’d better talk to Helen again.” “I think we’d all better,” Drew urged, letting his skepticism show. “I want to know what kind of advice […]

Meg’s Transformation8

She decided to go for it. Her mother needed her help and she felt she simply had to give it a try. Besides, what did she have to lose? Megan powdered herself and put the diaper on. She then wore one of her nicer (translation: non-frayed) pairs of jeans and a shirt her grandmother had […]

Meg’s Transformation7

“Nothing,” the girl replied. She wasn’t even sure it was what she wanted and she definitely wasn’t ready to discuss it yet. Her parents were willing to let her drop the subject and she breathed a sigh of relief. She came hazardously close to embarrassing herself and making what was probably a big mistake. Megan […]

Meg’s Transformation6

6 Megan examined it curiously for a moment and opted to give her a call. It couldn’t hurt and she needed some answers. A receptionist politely asked her to hold and then informed her that the counselor had been expecting her call. Megan asked if she could come in around noon. The receptionist told her […]

Meg’s Transformation5

Megan decided to give Ted a call. She waited long enough. He seemed relieved to hear the sound of her voice, as was she to hear his. Did she miss him? Yes, she supposed she did. Would they want to get together later? Sure, why not? How were things otherwise? Fine. OK, goodbye. It was […]

Meg’s Transformation4

She unfolded the diaper and lay back. Even though this was a tough time and she felt conflicted, she knew better than to let pride get in the way of her judgment. Soon, the diaper was taped securely on her. She lay awake in bed for close to an hour pondering the complexities of her […]

Meg’s Transformation3

“Actually,” she corrected, slowly peeling back the covers. “Oh my,” Nancy gasped. She had proudly referred to Megan as the least troublesome of her children. While Carrie associated with unsavory new friends, Stephen had his share of trouble in school and Jessica practically disowned her, Megan was in college and doing quite well. Her recent […]

Meg’s Transformation2

2 “No,” she said in a tiny voice, weeping as her mother approached her room. She felt horrible, both about what happened and the way she was reacting. Big girls shouldn’t cry. Then again, big girls shouldn’t wet their beds either. Still, it was nothing more than an accident. But it had happened the night […]

The Revolution6

Cynthia and I were only friends for about a day or so. Maybe we weren’t ever friends when I think about it. Even if there was a time when we were, we were also something at least a little bit more that was worth mentioning. Cynthia and I went to the ice cream shop like […]

The Revolution5

Chapter 5: Changing I sat in my assigned seat, crinkling my newly strapped diaper. The teacher began to babble on about nothing while I was lost in a daze. Did all of that really just happen? Did Cynthia just come out to me as planning all of this just do find some people to share […]

The Revolution4

Chapter 4: Rewired I heard a faint voice. I couldn’t understand it, nor could I recognize it. I felt a gentle touch on the back of my head. Someone was stroking my head. My mind immediately went to my mother being the cause of this action and the source of the voice. I remembered when […]

The Revolution3

Chapter 3: Help me It was all so strange. None of it made sense. I couldn’t possibly imagine why anyone would think that this was a good idea, especially the school board. How would making this change to the school improve anything? And why was no one asking questions? After the vote results came in, […]

The Revolution2

Chapter 2: Old Moley I arrived to class a half a second late. And despite my bargaining to my History Teacher, that half a second made me tardy. Apparently half a second late is the same as half an hour late to these people. I tried to blame the protesting parents in the front of […]

The Revolution1

There was screaming, and then silence. Frowns, and then grins. Storms, and then rainbows. I was in the storm, holding up my sign alongside the protestors who were on my side. I held that sign up constantly, and high as I could. It wasn’t beautiful or anything, just a board with red paint strokes on […]

Todd Back In Diapers

Todd is average 10 year old who has a little sister,Kim age 7 and lives with both his parents out in rural Texas. One day while in class, Todd had to go pee really bad. The teacher wouldn’t let him go to the restroom. Finally, he couldn’t hold his pee no longer. Soon his pee […]

Making her Mine

Carl was excited and anxious all at the same time; he had a dream, and now he had the perfect chance to make it all happen. He had been a player most of his life, sleeping with multiple women whenever he felt like it. He was downright sexy, chiseled swimmers body, curly kept hair. He […]


I got bored and decided to write a little, this is the result. Enjoy They gave me this journal so I could practice my writing, that’s what the note said on it, I never actually see them. I guess it’s working because I’m doing it, but honestly it’s only because I’m tired of reading all […]

Breast Friends

Hannah awoke with a start, her body tingling as she tried to recall what had just happened. She was home in her room, right? No, no she wasn’t. She tried to move but found herself hampered, her limbs weak. She struggled a bit, shifting some as she brought her hand up to her face. “Oh […]

Some of Katy’s Incidences

Some of Katy’s Incidences Katy sat in the movie theater with her friends. She was wondering why people went to things like this. She didn’t want to admit it but this was the first actually scary movie she was watching, and she was Seventeen. Her friends were saying that the movie wasn’t even going to […]

The Scent

The Scent (a story set in the world of “The Diaper Boom”) “Right, fess up who is it?” Kyle said, stopping his delineation of work for the group’s power point presentation. Samantha blushed, fidgeting furiously in her seat. “We’ll be back in a sec,” Kate said, taking her friend’s hand and helping her stand. Samantha […]

Little Sister

The day was not going well for Jayne Wells, she had been busy in her role as Chief Purchaser for the Wholesale Electrical company she worked for and as the day reached a close, she was dismayed to get a call from her boss asking her to meet a client that evening, to try and […]

Phoenix Feathers

I am a heavy insomniac, so all of this is the result of my nocturnal brain, enjoy  p.s. I did a bit of refining, because there were spelling mistakes everywhere and so it makes slightly more sense. Chapter 1: settling in As I stared out the window of the police car, I thought to myself why did […]

The Nanny

I was thirteen years old, in seventh grade, and my parents were going to spend two weeks in the Bahamas, so they sent me to my grandma’s friend’s house, because my grandma couldn’t take care of somebody and we trusted her friend very much, although I had never met her. I tried to explain that […]

Close Encounters 43

Two weeks later, I had just walked in the door from school when mom told me that I had received a phone call and that she had wrote the number down next to the phone. I didn’t recognize the number at all, so when I called it back and got some official sounding office, I […]

Close Encounters 42

About forty-five minutes into the movie, Joji leaned over and whispered something into Mike’s ear. For a second or two, Mike just looked at Joji quizzically and then the two of them popped up like a pair of Mexican jumping beans and motioned for me to come with them. My heart was racing and my […]

Close Encounters 41

~ Forty-First Encounter ~ Damien and I found the others across the way, looking at the beaver again. “You guy’s ready to go see a movie?” I asked them. Mike jumped about two feet when I had spoken. All of us laughed. “Did I scare you?” I teased and poked him. “No!” he laughed too. […]

Close Encounters 40

Cleaning the dog poop off Damien’s pants turned out to be easier than I would have expected it to be. I removed them from the bag and was nearly knocked over from the stench. Okay, maybe sealing them up into a plastic bag wasn’t the best idea, but that’s how we learn, right? I used […]

Close Encounters 39

We had another unscheduled stop in front of White Castle to give some lady directions to the Post Office. I doubt that lady had a single living brain cell because it took Mark and me a good ten minutes to explain to her, that she only needed to drive down the street to the third […]

Close Encounters 38

A few days after I had received my new phone, Mark and I had decided to make a trip to Gulliver’s Mountain, which is a store for outdoorsmen and hunters. We really didn’t have a reason for going other than just wanting to go check out all the cool stuff they sell. However, there was […]

Close Encounters 37

Two weeks later, I was sitting in my room with Mark, while doing our homework. Yeah you got that right, I was doing his too. I was supposed to be helping him, but somehow, he talked me into doing it for him. Actually, he does that a lot. Anyway, like I said, I was in […]

Close Encounters 36

Ok, this next encounter started out kind of bizarre. There were no diapers involved. However there was a case of someone peeing on someone else, and I guess that’s about as close to an encounter as one can get with the absence of diapers. In mid-March, when it was still fairly cold out, I had […]

Close Encounters 35

The first few days after coming home from the hospital, I passed the time by lying or sitting around the house watching TV, surfing the Internet and moaning about how much my head hurt. If I were truthful with myself, it wasn’t so much the pain as the fact that I was bored out of […]

Close Encounters 34

 Thirty-Fourth Encounter ~ Apparently, I slept all the way through the whole x-ray procedure because I don’t remember any of it at all. I woke up back in the ER of Providence University Hospital, the same hospital my brother had been in only a few weeks before. When I woke up, Dad and mom were […]

Close Encounters 32

While all the Kings Horseman and all the Kings Men attempted to put my head back together again, I happen to have yet another hospital encounter. Yeah, no kidding! Maybe it’s a sign that I should study medicine when I go to college? Anyway, the encounter was quite brief and I never actually saw the […]

Close Encounters 31

This next encounter happened on a Saturday at K-Mart. And yes, it is the same K-Mart where I had my very first encounter so long ago, but this wasn’t an encounter like any I’ve had before. To be honest, I hope I never have an encounter like it again. Okay, let me explain. My dad […]

Close Encounters 30

Even after we gave Mike his share of the money the three of us had made that second afternoon, Mark and I still had over ninety-dollars between the two of us. Mark tried to insist that I keep all of it to use for the Super Hero Diaper Kit supplies, but I forced him to […]

Close Encounters 29

That second day, a while after lunch, Mark and I had shoveled so many walks that we had plowed all the way over to Mike Rabur’s house. However, we didn’t shovel their sidewalk, because Mr. Rabur, Mike’s father, owns one of those enormous self-propelled snow blowers and had already cleared their driveway and sidewalks. Mr. […]

Close Encounters 28

 Twenty-Eighth Encounter ~ After what happened with Mike at the party, an idea started brewing. I don’t think I slept much at all after the party. My mind wouldn’t shut-off. I kept thinking about helping Mike change out of his wet pants and SpongeBob underwear. I was also mulling over my new idea, so the […]